Dasein Interactions revolutionizes city planning models

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Published : 1 June 2012

If you’ve seen the GIANT model in the DRT showroom, then you are already familiar with Dasein Interactions’ work. This start-up, in its final incubation phase at GRAIN, uses the next-generation interfaces developed at Leti to create models combining unparalleled interactivity with exceptional ease-of-use. Thanks to Dasein’s cutting-edge technology, city planners can view exactly what a pedestrian sees at a given crosswalk, where shadows fall at different times of the day, and what the effects would be of different types of building facades and street fixtures, for example.
Dasein plans to unveil an even more powerful version in late June 2012. As soon as the company is officially launched it will begin marketing to local city planners and seeking national partnerships.

Contact: nicolas.geraud@dasein-interactions.fr

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