DNP probes cellulose nanofibrils

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Published : 7 June 2021

Dynamic nuclear polarization, or DNP, can make solid-state NMR several times more sensitive. Researchers at Irig have been developing the technique to gain new insights into the surface chemistry of cellulose nanofibrils onto which an active molecule had been grafted.

They were able to distinguish between adsorption and covalent grafting, which allowed them to quantify the active molecules present. They also detected several residual compounds—the pre-oxidation agent, depolymerized cellulose, and coupling agents—resulting from the formation and functionalization of the nanofibrils. This new information will help the scientists* Irig is working with to study the nanofibrils to improve their processes.

*Centre technique du papier (pulp and paper research lab), LGP2, DPM, Cermav


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