News : Advanced nano characterization

January 01 2023

Optomechanical force probes development for high speed AFM

The proposed topic is part of a CARNOT project aiming at developing a new generation of force sensors based on optomechanical transduction. These force sensors will be implemented in ultrafast AFM microscopes for imaging and force spectroscopy. They will allow to address biological and biomedical applications on sub-microsecond or even nanosecond time scales in force […] >>

January 01 2023

Measuring the electrostatic fields in AlGaN LEDs for UV emission.

In this subjet we will develop off-axis electron holography for the measurement of electrostatic fields in AlGaN quantum well structures for UV emission. Electron holography measures the phase of electrons from an interference pattern. As the phase change of the electrons is proportional to the potentiel in the specimen, then this can be used to […] >>

January 01 2023

Coupling of advanced characterization techniques to study 2D material growth and integration

Two-dimensional (2D) materials are defined as crystalline solids consisting of a single layer of atoms, making their properties remarkable. Compared to their massive form, they can present outstanding semiconducting characteristics that can be exploited for many applications (CMOS, memories, photonics, photovoltaics, etc.). However, their integration into components via standard microelectronics processes remains a challenge and […] >>
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