News : Biochemistry

January 01 2023

Microfluidic biocatalysis

The overall objective of the project is to propose a new mode of biocatalytic production based on continuous flow and combining macro and micro-fluidics. The aim is to develop a biocatalysis process involving fluidic bioreactors capable of ensuring continuous biotransformation, thanks to immobilized enzymes or whole cell catalysts. This process will be optimized to improve […] >>

October 11 2019

Investigation of the peculiar nickel-binding site of the metalloprotein CooT by hyperpolarized solid-state NMR

With its tuneable chemical reactivity, cysteine plays crucial roles as Ni ligands in active sites of redox Ni enzymes. Instead, histidines are preferred to coordinate Ni(II) ions in non-redox proteins. Interestingly, cysteine exhibits extreme patterns of conservation, being either highly conserved or completely degenerated, with a strong tendency to form buried cysteine clusters. The case […] >>
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