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January 01 2023

Novel optical systems for laser chip to photonic circuit coupling – Applications for sensor and LIDARs

The development of silicon photonics technology has made it possible to integrate numerous photonic functions on the same chip, as close as possible to electronic functions, allowing the miniaturization of components in the fields of datacoms, telecoms and optical sensors. However, optical communication from chip to chip remains a key point to be developed (in […] >>

January 01 2023

Development of Holographic Optical Elements Arrays with a micro-hologram printer

CEA Leti has conceived a holographic printer as part of its development of optical components and systems for the field of Augmented Reality. This printer allows us to record micro-holograms that encode elementary angular functions. The current application of the printer concern the development of pixelated holograms recorded with phase and angular matching for the […] >>

August 26 2022

Strain driven Group IV photonic devices: applications to light emission and detection

Straining the cristal lattice of a semiconductor is a very powerfull tool enabling controlling many properties such as its emission wavelength, its mobility…Making strain amplification microstructures is a rather recent technique allowing accumulating very significant amounts of strain in a micronic constriction, such as a microbridge (up to 4.9% for Ge [1]), which deeply drives […] >>

October 19 2020

Light Emission by Group Four Semiconductors in Vertical Optical Resonators

Group Four (GF) semiconductors such as silicon, germanium and their alloys are the key materials of modern technologies for the electronic data processing. However, use of this class of materials for optoelectronic applications is hindered by the indirect nature of its band gap. The recent rise of direct band gap, group four alloys of the […] >>
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