News : Physical chemistry and electrochemistry

January 01 2023

Operando monitoring of reaction heterogeneities in fast charging Na-ion batteries using synchrotron radiation: from micro and nano diffraction

Sodium-ion batteries can compete with Li-ion batteries for power applications, while being free of critical metals such as Co, Ni or Li. However, fast charging can lead to inter- and/or intra-particle reaction heterogeneities causing underutilisation of the electrode and/or mechanical degradation involving particle cracking. These complex non-equilibrium processes can have profound effects on the overall […] >>

October 11 2019

Operando characterization of batteries using synchrotron tomography and neutron imaging techniques

The in situ characterization of battery materials is needed to help designing safer and more efficient electrochemical devices. In particular, following in real-time the lithiation and ageing mechanisms require to use advanced non-destructive tools capable to probe the system during cycling. In this regard, synchrotron and neutron techniques provide unique capabilities to access the chemical, […] >>

October 11 2019

Investigation of the peculiar nickel-binding site of the metalloprotein CooT by hyperpolarized solid-state NMR

With its tuneable chemical reactivity, cysteine plays crucial roles as Ni ligands in active sites of redox Ni enzymes. Instead, histidines are preferred to coordinate Ni(II) ions in non-redox proteins. Interestingly, cysteine exhibits extreme patterns of conservation, being either highly conserved or completely degenerated, with a strong tendency to form buried cysteine clusters. The case […] >>
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