Driverless vehicles: it’s all about the algorithms

Categorie(s) : Innovation & Society, News, Research

Published : 3 October 2016

The main obstacle to developing tomorrow’s 100% driverless vehicles is the huge processing power required. Today, you would have to virtually fill the vehicles with powerful computers to run them! For the past three years, researchers at Leti have been working on a breakthrough technology to replace today’s algorithms, originally developed for robotics applications, with new algorithms developed specifically for driverless vehicles.

The new algorithms can fuse and interpret data from three different sensor technologies in under 50 milliseconds, using a new, more parsimonious mathematics that slashes processing requirements a hundred fold. The algorithms are protected by two patents and garnered lots of interest when they were presented at DAC 2016 in Texas in June. They will also be presented at the European Forum in Brussels on October 15, and at the Vision trade show in Stuttgart in November.


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