Eagerly-awaited ferroelectric tester arrives at G2Elab

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Published : 5 April 2021

G2Elab recently acquired a particularly buzz-worthy piece of characterization equipment. The eagerly-awaited TF3000, a state-of-the-art ferroelectric tester from aixACCT, will also be useful to scientists at TIMA, LTM, and LMGP. The tester will provide a host of new characterization capabilities that scientists will be able to use to test solid materials and thin films, evaluate polarization and electrical hysteresis cycles, and conduct endurance and aging testing over millions of cycles. The TF3000 is fully automated, offering precision, repeatable test conditions and archiving all results.

Located at CIME Nanotech, the equipment has been included in the open-access WFNT OPE)N(RA platform. It has been up and running since December.

Contacts: skandar.basrour@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr, alain.sylvestre@g2elab.grenoble-inp.fr

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