Electrical current circulates in silicon nanonets

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Published : 2 April 2015

Many scientists said it wasn’t possible, but PhD research supervised by LTM and LMGP recently proved the naysayers wrong, demonstrating that electrical current does, in fact, flow through silicon nanonets, unorganized networks of silicon nanowires. The research also looked at a reproducible process for making the nanonets and hybridizing them with strands of DNA. A second PhD research project—this one supervised by LMGP and IMEP-LAHC in conjunction with LTM—kicked off immediately after the previous project to evaluate field effects and look at the transistors.

The nanonets are flexible, and offer more homogeneous electrical properties than the individual nanowires that make them up. They are also less costly to make than the nanowires. These advantages could be of interest to the flexible electronics industry.

Contact: celine.ternon@grenoble-inp.fr

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