Enertecs to develop nickel-zinc batteries in Grenoble

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Published : 1 October 2012

Enertecs, a start-up that specializes in nickel-zinc batteries, has just set up shop in the MINATEC High-tech Building as part of a partnership with CEA-Liten. Enertecs is a subsidiary of Paris-based SCPS, which led a breakthrough in nickel-zinc batteries by successfully resolving the cycling problems inherent to these batteries. The company is now leveraging Liten’s experience with battery production technology as it prepares to set up a semi-industrial manufacturing facility near Grenoble.
Enertecs should expand to around ten employees within a year. The company will also work with solar energy institute INES in Le Bourget. While nickel-zinc batteries are less powerful than lithium-ion batteries, they offer the advantages of being less costly and made from readily-available and recyclable materials.

Contact: jacques.doniat@scps.fr


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