Engineers and scientists—want to try your hand at teaching?

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Published : 1 June 2012

Faced with an explosion in the number of tutorials and lab courses being offered to its first-year students, Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma is making an appeal to MINATEC engineers, scientists, and PhD students to lend a helping hand. The goal is to hire around 30 temporary teachers for subjects like math, physics, electrical engineering, automation, signal processing, materials science, physical chemistry, and computer engineering.
Jean-Yves Castellan, head of the CEA-Leti showroom and prototyping, responded to last year’s appeal after reading about it in MINANews. “I taught 30 hours of lab courses last year, which I really enjoyed. The students were all different—some worked really hard, others were more laid-back—and I had to adapt to their learning styles. However, they were all eager to learn about my career and industry experience. I totally intend to do it again this year.


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