ESRF opens long-term R&D projects to industrial partners

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Published : 30 November 2014

For the first time ever, ESRF has accepted a long-term project submitted by a manufacturer, STMicroelectronics. Starting in January 2015, STMicroelectronics will be eligible for 20 days’ use of the beamline over three years to conduct very-high-resolution characterization of defects on 3D electronic components. Leti will be assisting with the characterization.
Until now, only academic researchers could apply for long-term projects. STMicroelectronics’ request comes following ESRF’s modernization program—the facility now has an X-ray beamline unlike any other worldwide, with resolutions of 20 nm.
The new beamline can be used to observe defects deep inside copper pillars, direct bonds, and embedded systems. Electron microscopy, which offers resolutions of 1 nm, limits observation to the surface of these and other components.


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