European microelectronics roadmap ready to roll

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Published : 4 February 2019

Mission accomplished! EU H2020 project Nereid, coordinated by Grenoble Institute of Technology, has delivered on its promise of creating a fifteen-year European micro and nanoelectronics roadmap. Parts of the European roadmap were included in the IRDS global roadmap.

Europe’s major technology research organizations and academic research labs in the field of microelectronics contributed to the roadmap and were supported by around a hundred experts and professionals from companies like NXP, Infineon, and STMicroelectronics. The authors focused on market needs and took into account the current state of the art and expected advances in technology. The roadmap provides guidance on materials, systems, circuits, and electronics for Europe’s main applications. One of the major challenges addressed by the roadmap is energy consumption.



Read the final version of the roadmap at:

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