eVaderis microcontrollers could use ten times less energy in standby mode

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Published : 6 October 2014

eVaderis, a Grenoble-based start-up created on September 5, is developing microcontrollers that could use ten times less energy in standby mode while offering features equivalent to the components currently on the market.
The company, which will soon count around ten employees, leverages technology invented at Spintec (INAC) to develop self-powered communicating objects, which must be able to operate for years on a battery since they cannot be charged. The company’s microcontrollers use proven CMOS technology and non-volatile resistive memory, which has been around for a decade. The innovation lies in the microcontrollers’ data processing architectures, which optimize energy use in a new way. The more complex—and energy-hungry—the application, the greater the savings.

Contact: virgile.javerliac@evaderis.com

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