EXPERIMENTA fair to feature 20 installations

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Published : 3 October 2016

The EXPERIMENTA art, science, and technology fair, to be held on October 6–8, will feature around 20 installations combining art and technology in truly novel ways. Visitors will get a chance to discover new experiences and performances, from going “inside” a drawing or seeing the pages of a book “grow” to using bacteria to generate light and projecting an avatar of yourself into a virtual dance scene. All thanks to immersive and interactive technologies and advances in energy, optics, AI, and IoT.
More than 60 potential projects were submitted, setting a new record. EXPERIMENTA also offers up talks by artists and scientists, lectures on the topics addressed by the projects on exhibit, as well as workshops, games, and quizzes.

www.experimenta.fr, www.atelier-arts-sciences.eu

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