FDSOI design: Promising start for Silicon Impulse

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Published : 5 October 2015

Where can you design, prototype, and actually manufacture small runs of FDSOI circuits? Only at Leti’s Silicon Impulse design center! Whether you want to test a technology or scale it up for manufacturing, the center has everything you need.

Founded in March 2015, Silicon Impulse has already drawn attention from numerous manufacturers and academic laboratories in France and worldwide. Next February, Silicon Impulse’s first multi-project wafer will be made using STMicroelectronics’ 28 nm FDSOI technology; the circuits of various different partners will be found on the wafer.

FDSOI 28 nm is gaining traction on the Internet of Things and in low- and very-low-energy trends. Silicon Impulse, which is already backed by STMicroelectronics, is also in advanced-stage negotiations with Global Foundries, another international foundry giant, in an effort to reach the 22 nm FDSOI.


Contact: caroline.arnaud@cea.fr

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