Field gradient NMR to examine vegetable oils

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Published : 1 June 2015

Researchers at INAC are investigating a novel use of field gradient NMR: the in vivo study of the lipid vesicles of vegetable oils like sunflower, canola, and linseed. These micrometric vesicles are of particular interest to biologists and varietal selection experts, who currently use electron microscopy—which requires tedious, time-consuming sample preparation.

In the research, field gradient NMR not only saved time, but it also delivered a reliable distribution of vesicle sizes. The technique also revealed that lipids could circulate from one vesicle to another, a result that garnered interest from the French National Institute for Agricultural Research, INRA, for its potential impact on seed germination and preservation. INAC and INRA are currently preparing several joint research projects for submission to the EU.



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