Figure of the month: €150,000

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Published : 30 November 2014

This year’s EDF Pulse Science and Electricity Award went to Grenoble Institute of Technology faculty member Renaud Bouchet for his research on a promising new solid-electrolyte lithium battery. The international award comes with a €150,000 grant that will be used to finance two additional researchers for the project*.
The new battery is expected to be safer and less expensive and offer greater energy density than lithium-ion batteries. The team’s innovation lies in the use of block copolymers in which two polymers are combined by covalent bonding, resulting in synergies between the properties depending on which blocks are chosen. The block copolymers are produced using standard plastics-industry manufacturing techniques.
Starting in February, a consortium of manufacturers from France and other countries will begin testing batches of several hundred grams of the copolymer.

*From Grenoble’s LEPMI and Marseille’s Institut de chimie radicalaire

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