Fire-damaged area of building 41.01 back to business as usual

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Published : 4 February 2016

Any visitor touring the cleanrooms in building 41.01 would have a hard time believing that the building was ravaged by fire less than a year ago. The fire-damaged area of the building reopened in December after four and a half months of repairs and the installation of new equipment to replace equipment damaged in the fire.

Leti’s first priority was, of course, safety. Filtration units in the clean room ceilings had been damaged in the fire. The cleanrooms’ deposition and heat treatment equipment had to be inspected before either being moved or set up for operation on site with new protective shields. At the same time the process to replace severely damaged equipment was initiated.

Little disruption to the building’s other activities

The area damaged by the fire—especially the ceilings and resin filtration systems—was then dismantled and reconstruction commenced in June. New partition walls, pressurized supply plenums, extractor ducts, recyclers, electrical wiring, and filtering resins were installed. Several hundred technicians employed by specialized subcontractors worked on the job.

One of the major challenges of the reconstruction project was to disrupt the 41.01 building’s other activities as little as possible. Temporary partition walls were put up to isolate the area. A “clean tunnel” was also set up so that employees could get to the cleanroom without coming into contact with the area under construction.
The CEA served as prime contractor on the job, managing this cleanroom reconstruction project in an unusually urgent situation that demanded truly unique solutions—a challenge they pulled off masterfully!



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