Five CEA Tech startups win national awards

Categorie(s) : Industry, Innovation & Society, MINATEC, News

Published : 5 October 2015

The annual i-Lab startup competition organized by France’s Ministry of Higher Education and Research has become a rite of passage for new businesses. And once again this year CEA Tech startups brought home an impressive number of awards, confirming Grenoble’s strong capacity to develop innovative solutions for industry.

The five award-winning CEA Tech startups are:

  • eLichens, which commercializes a technology developed by Leti (sensors and services for air quality monitoring)
  • e-SIMS, a Liten spinoff, which develops intermittent energy and electrochemical storage management software
  • MedPrint (a Clinatec project in the pre-startup phase), for silicon components for neurological exploration
  • mirSense, a Leti spinoff, which develops infrared lasers for chemical trace analysis
  • EnWireS (an INAC project in the pre-startup phase), for silicon nanowires for lithium-ion energy-storage batteries


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