FMNT wins two PhD dissertation awards

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Published : 2 October 2018

PhD candidates at FMNT took home two of the eight PhD dissertation awards granted by the Grenoble-Alps University Community this year. A total of 700 dissertations were defended in 2017. Thomas Sannicolo, a graduate of Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Phelma engineering school, won an award for his research on transparent electrodes using silver nanowire networks. Daniel Bellet (LMGP) and Jean-Pierre Simonato (Liten) supervised the dissertation. Marco Garbati, who completed his PhD research at LCIS under the supervision of Etienne Perret and Romain Siragusa, won the “Innovation Dissertation” award. His research focused on a chipless* RFID tag reader for product tracking and identification. Sannicolo is now a post-doc student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Garbati is now employed at Idyllic Technology, an innovative startup in Valence.


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