Fundraising: CEA-Leti startups bring in €25 million

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Published : 1 October 2022

Grenoble-based Scintil Photonics and eLichens, both startups developing CEA-Leti technologies, raised €25 million in capital over the summer.
Scintil Photonics raised €15 million in two separate fundraising rounds in June and September. The company’s silicon photonic integrated circuits push server-to-server data transmission speeds over the terabit-per-second mark in data centers, cloud computing, and telecommunications. The influx of capital will support expansion in Asia-Pacific and the Americas. Scintil Photonics has an office in Toronto.
Meanwhile, Japan-based NCE acquired a $10 million stake in eLichens. The companies both address the air quality monitoring market.
NCE will integrate eLichens sensors into its products and sell an eLichens indoor air monitoring unit.


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