GEPHY 2015: Success for INAC’s energy storage tour!

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Published : 5 October 2015

This summer, INAC once again welcomed a group of high-school and preparatory-program physics and chemistry teachers for the 2015 edition of its Grenoble Physics School (GEPHY). The participating teachers were offered six tours. INAC’s new tour on materials and devices for energy storage garnered well-deserved attention, and the initial group of ten participants quickly grew to fifteen.

The teachers were taken from one site to another on an electric shuttle bus, learning about the capabilities of the Hybrid-EN and NanoS platforms and the research being carried out there. They were introduced to in situ observation of battery electrodes, the uses of graphene, and the growing attraction of silicon nanowires. They also discovered how traditional material production methods are now being “recycled” for new purposes.



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