Getting closer to 60 GHz antennas for 5G networks

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Published : 2 February 2015

Researchers from CEA-Leti have made some major advances on the 60 GHz antennas that will be required for tomorrow’s 5G networks and mobile devices.

First of all, to reduce costs, the physical interconnects between the antenna, chip, and casing have been replaced with an integrated component. The two parts of the antenna are connected using a cheaper and more efficient electromagnetic coupling.

And, to boost efficiency, focal lenses will be used to improve directional gain. The lens components will consist of networked planar antennas fabricated using printed technologies. The lenses will also be connected via coupling, i.e. without physical interconnects.

The research was part of the EU-backed MiWaveS project ( and will continue under new collaborative and industrial R&D projects.



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