GIANT Review steps into spring with a new look

Categorie(s) : Life @ MINATEC, News, Research

Published : 6 June 2016

The GIANT Review, which first appeared in 2015, is rolling out a completely new magazine-inspired design for its Spring 2016 issue, which looks back on the previous year’s most important events. This most recent issue is also heftier, at 28 pages. Inside you will find the year’s news from GIANT’s eight partners, scientific articles on flagship research topics at GIANT, interviews with researchers, news briefs, and a special report on the digital revolution from a GIANT perspective, covering topics like Big Data and cybersecurity.

The publication was developed to promote the campus and targets foreign researchers in particular. The Spring 2016 issue also features a fun, illustrated article on “Ten Reasons to Live in Grenoble”. You can download or flip through the online version on the GIANT website.



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