GIANT will now organize MINATEC Summer Program

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Published : 1 April 2014

This year, the GIANT International Internship Program will take over where the former MINATEC Summer Program, founded in 2011, left off. A total of 20 students, mostly from the University of Pennsylvania, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Louisiana State University, but also from the University of Tsukuba, Chiba University, and Keio University in Japan, will come to campus from May 19 to July 25. Participating students will complete research internships at IBS, CEA-Leti, INAC, LMGP, and ICA.
The third edition of the French-American Workshop will be held on the MINATEC campus at the same time (on June 19–20) and will welcome academics, research scientists, and professionals from the business world. This year’s topic is Franco-American cooperation and research opportunities.




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