Grapheal raises €1.9 million for its digital biosensors

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Published : 5 April 2021

Startup Grapheal, founded in 2019 by scientists at Institut Néel, recently raised €1.9 million in capital. The influx of funds will go to R&D and clinical trials of the company’s flagship smart dressing for chronic wound monitoring and fast Covid-19 saliva test.

Both products are built on the same sensing device engineered from an atomic layer of graphene on a flexible circuit connected to a RFID chip. The smart dressing monitors wound healing and detects infection without having to remove the dressing. The fast Covid-19 saliva test turns results around in just five minutes. Competing tests take 15 to 30 minutes. Tech-transfer service provider Linksium licensed three patents to Grapheal. This IP forms the company’s core technology. Improvements to the technology are ongoing, including through a partnership with CEA-Leti.


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