Grenoble-based iSketchnote turns to crowdfunding to raise capital

Categorie(s) : Innovation & Society, MINATEC, News

Published : 6 October 2013

ISKN, a Leti start-up currently in the incubation phase, has decided to use the crowdfunding site to raise capital for its iSketchnote project—the first-ever Grenoble-based start-up to use crowdfunding to obtain financing. Potential investors have until October 9, and the minimum investment is $1. And, participants who invest a minimum of $30 will receive three ISKN pens in a few months. An investment of $119 (around €90) will get you three pens plus a 40% discount on a functionalized iPad cover that enables you to digitize your handwritten notes. ISKN had hoped to raise $35,000. As of September 23, the project had brought in six times that amount. In addition to raising capital, crowdfunding has been a great way for the company to test market segmentation and product acceptance, boost brand image, and gear up for a new round of fundraising planned for early 2014.


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