Grenoble Institute of Technology 2017 adventure race to take place in Vercors

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Published : 6 February 2017

The 22nd annual Grenoble Institute of Technology adventure race will take place on May 6 and 7 in the Vercors mountains. The team event, organized by the students, is open to all: working professionals, women, men, the disabled…everyone is welcome!

A qualification race will be held on March 25 on a completely new route in Jarrie. Just 150 of the expected 300 entrants will qualify for the big race. The rules of the race have also changed: in addition to the standard route, teams will have to choose from a selection of other activities from mountain biking to trail running to maximize their chances of winning!
Event security will also be ramped up due to the government’s counter-terrorism security measures in place, and individual participants will be equipped with GPS beacons.


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