Grenoble nanowires take center stage in Atlanta

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Published : 1 June 2012

A second-year PhD student from IMEP-LAHC is currently performing a six-month research assignment under Dr. Zhong Lin Wang at Georgia Tech in the United States. Dr. Wang is a pioneer in the application of nanowires’ piezoelectric proprieties, and is working to use nanowires developed in Grenoble in systems for harvesting mechanical energy.
The project with Dr. Wang came about after scientists from IMEP-LAHC, LTM, and Institut Néel found a way to increase the piezoelectric coefficients of gallium nitride nanowires by a factor of ten by inserting a nanometric layer of aluminum nitride into the wires. The PhD student is seeking to better understand—and find practical ways to use—the fundamental properties of these heterostructured nanowires.


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