Grenoble proves fertile ground for Atrenta

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Published : 1 October 2012

US-based Atrenta—the world’s fourth-leading provider of design software for the semiconductor industry—is actively expanding its French subsidiary based at MINATEC. This young business has already grown from four employees when it was created in early 2011 to 14 in June 2012, and plans to reach 20 by the end of the year. 
This rapid business development is being driven by robust demand for Atrenta’s software, which helps designers reduce circuits’ energy consumption—a major benefit in today’s marketplace—without affecting operation. Atrenta’s success in France is also due to the synergies it has formed within Grenoble’s innovation ecosystem. The company has set up a nine-person-strong joint laboratory with Leti to perform advanced R&D, appointed a research director from Verimag (a Joseph Fourier University, CNRS, and Grenoble Institute of Technology consortium) to its scientific evaluation committee, and hired a researcher from Joseph Fourier University. br />



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