Air Liquide signs five-year contract with the CEA

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Published : 4 December 2018

Air Liquide and the CEA have a long-standing partnership. They recently extended their cooperation through a five-year joint lab. INAC, along with institutes IRFM and IRFU, plays a major role in two research topics addressed by the joint lab.

The first is improving the performance of pulsed-gas tube cooling units. These cooling components cool the sensors on board satellites to temperatures between 15 K to 50 K.

The second is dynamic simulation of the three refrigeration units (from 25 kW to 4 K) used in the ITER Tokamak reactor. The simulation will support the preparation and configuration of acceptance testing and commissioning. Air Liquide, which already provides cooling for part of the Large Hadron Collider, has also been tasked with installing and assembling the refrigeration units at ITER. Acceptance testing is expected to begin in late 2019.



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