High Level Forum introduces calendar of online events

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Published : 5 October 2020

The High Level Forum (HLF) was created to bolster cooperation between the world’s leading innovation ecosystems, one of which is Grenoble’s own GIANT campus. The traditional annual summit planned for the fall in Grenoble has been postponed to 2021. Key HLF stakeholders have adapted to this changing context by rolling out a year-long calendar of online events to replace the traditional once-a-year meeting.
International working groups will tackle several strategic topics and will meet regularly at new online meetings called HLF Connect Briefing meetings. The first HLF Connect Briefing will be streamed from Grenoble to international stakeholders on December 1. Participants from ten regions around the world will address issues like how to make innovation ecosystems more resilient, new and inclusive alliance strategies, and winning technologies for times of crisis.

Registrations will open in early November online at http://hlf-giant-grenoble.org/

Contact: karen.amram@cea.fr

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