Hydrogen could prevent Covid-19-related runaway inflammation

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Published : 5 April 2021

TIMC (a CNRS-Grenoble-Alpes University lab) recently kicked off its HydroCovid clinical trial. The goal is to evaluate the effects of hydrogen-saturated water* on Covid-positive patients over age 60 well enough not to require hospitalization. Several studies show that hydrogen could mitigate the runaway inflammatory response that sometimes occurs as a complication of Covid-19.

If HydroCovid is a success, it could lead to future trials involving the administration of hydrogen-enriched saline. Losses of hydrogen, a highly-diffusive gas, will be substantially reduced thanks to LEPMI’s materials specialists, who helped select the material for the IV bag, catheter, and distribution method and create the protocol for injecting the hydrogen into the bag. 

Contact: marian.chatenet@grenoble-inp.fr

Participate in the trial:  http://hydrocovid.imag.fr/

*Hydrogen is the common name for dihydrogen (H2)

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