IMEP-LaHC gets an AFM unlike any other

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Published : 3 December 2018

The new Bruker Icon AFM installed at IMEP-LaHC in late October offers conventional topographical measurement capabilities with resolutions of around a nanometer. There’s nothing revolutionary about that. However, the microscope does have some new capabilities that are not available anywhere else in Grenoble. The equipment’s “Data Cube” mode delivers point-by-point electrical and physical measurements across the entire surface of a sample. The sample can also be mapped in terms of current, voltage, and force curves.

Also new is “SMIM”* mode, which measures a sample’s capacity and resistivity with resolutions of 50 nm.

The new AFM will be operational in a few months. And, as part of the Open RA platform, outside researchers will be able to use the microscope.



*Scanning Microwave Impedance Microscopy

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