INAC and Institut Néel get new X-ray diffractometer

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Published : 8 December 2015

INAC and Institut Néel recently acquired a new X-ray diffractometer as part of a joint research project. The equipment, designed for studying thin layers and nano-scale objects, off ers excellent resolution of three thousandths of a degree and two in-field and out-of-field confi gurations. It is also equipped with an oven for hightemperature (up to 1,100 °C) analysis.

The diffractometer will allow researchers to observe materials in a lab setting, a task that previously required a synchrotron beam. Teams have already used it to study gold beads whose equivalent volume is less than that of a 3-angstrom single layer and organic thin layers around 20 nanometers thick. LANEF (a Laboratory of Excellence funded by France’s economic stimulus package) co-financed the diffractometer, contributing €200,000.

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