INAC and Leti researchers hit the books with Nano@School

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Published : 1 April 2011

MINATEC’s educational outreach programs are gaining traction, especially the Nano@School program for middle- and high-school students. At its last meeting, the MINATEC board decided to draw up a list of 20 engineers and researchers—10 from INAC and 10 from Leti—to lead the program’s activities, which include science workshops for students, training for teachers, and outreach activities for middle-schoolers. The volunteers will join an already-strong Nano@School team made up of staff from CIME, Grenoble Institute of Technology, and Grenoble University-UJF. The board also sent a reminder to all labs that MINATEC has brought in a video technician, who will be on hand throughout November to film different technologies in use. So if your lab has a project you would like to see on video, let us know!



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