Interview: Youla Morfouli, Head of the International Masters in Nanotechnology program

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Published : 3 April 2022

Our students are interested in companies that can demonstrate a commitment to sustainability

The third Sustainable Electronics Workshop* was held in February.
What are your key takeaways?

Around 60 students—ten from GEM—attended and I was particularly impressed with their level of motivation. All stakeholders, and not just engineers, need to address sustainable electronics and the technology’s environmental and societal impacts.
STMicroelectronics once again mobilized three of their top managers for the workshop.
IoT for smart buildings was this year’s group work topic. Smart building startup Ace With You was at the workshop and, over the next several months, will work with a group of eight students particularly interested in the topic.

Two years ago, you mentioned the doubts certain engineering majors were having about their chosen field. Is this something you are still seeing?
Their awareness of sustainable development issues has only increased. What has changed is what they are doing about it. Instead of leaving the field altogether, they are seeking opportunities with companies that are making an impact. It is their number one priority.
At the workshop, for example, they learned about what STMicroelectronics is doing to amplify its commitment to sustainability and do business compliantly amid increasingly strict laws and regulations.

Is a one-day workshop a year enough?
Definitely not. We sent out a questionnaire to the attendees. We hope that their responses will help us evolve the workshop—maybe even switch to a new format. I would also like to get more students from other majors and faculty involved.

*Co-organized by Grenoble INP, GEM, IRT Nanoelec, STMicroelectronics, Ace With You, and Idex/UGA


Watch the 2022 Sustainable Electronics Workshop video:

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