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April 2022

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A new generation of earphones just over the horizon

Microsystems experts at TIMA and G2ELab have been working on little-known objects called squamous transduction earphones since late 2021....

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Inspired by the locust nervous system, Élisa Vianello’s research wins ERC grant

Élisa Vianello, who heads CEA-Leti’s embedded AI program, won a €2.8 million ERC Consolidator Grant. Disbursed over five years,...

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Gingko biloba protein used in multilayer nanomaterial

Gingko biloba trees, known for their longevity and medicinal properties, are now being used in nanoscience. Two teams of...

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Piezoelectric effects investigated at the nanometric scale

The ANR (French national research agency) Latino project has been looking at how mechanical-to-electrical conversion processes work at the...

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Pushing back the limits of quantum error correction codes

Polar codes, invented in 2009, are a particularly promising breed of error correction code with a wide range of...

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ESRF X-ray imaging looks inside the platinum in catalytic converters

Researchers at Irig* leveraged ESRF X-ray imaging, simulation, and a neural network algorithm to characterize the deformations in platinum...

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Top news

A €43 billion European plan for semiconductors

In February, the European Commission confirmed its massive €43 billion semiconductor industry plan. €11 billion has been earmarked for research on the most advanced chips and new pilot manufacturing lines. CEA-Leti is expected to play a major role in the plan.

The European Chips Act announced in February rivals the US’s support for the semiconductor industry. The legislation hasn’t gone before the European Parliament yet, and the Union’s 27 Member States still...

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Interview: Youla Morfouli, Head of the International Masters in Nanotechnology program,

Our students are interested in companies that can demonstrate a commitment to sustainability

The third Sustainable Electronics Workshop* was held in February.
What are your key takeaways?

Around 60 students—ten from GEM—attended and I was particularly impressed with their level of motivation. All stakeholders, and not just engineers, need to address sustainable electronics and the technology’s environmental and societal impacts.
STMicroelectronics once again mobilized three of their top managers for the workshop.
IoT for smart buildings was this year’s group work topic. Smart building startup Ace With You...

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Could hole qubits be the future of quantum?

Nobody knows whether tomorrow’s silicon qubits will be electron qubits or hole qubits. If this exciting new research by...

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Keeping bacteria at bay in the fishing and fish farming industries

Active bacteria on industrial surfaces can turn into viable but non-culturable cells (VBNC) under major stressors like disinfectants. VBNCs...

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Magnetic microparticles could fight cancerous tumors

For the past decade, two teams of researchers at Irig* have been investigating how to destroy tumors by injecting...

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Soitec now a major Grenoble INP - Phelma, UGA partner

Grenoble INP - Phelma, UGA signed its first partnership agreement with innovative semiconductor materials giant Soitec. Michael Fièvre, Director...

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Celebrating two decades of spintronics at Spintec

Spintec, founded in May 2002 with a team of twelve researchers, is behind many advances in spintronics. The lab...

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LMGP Hires MXenes specialist

Hanna Pazniak, an expert in MXenes, joined the LMGP nanomaterials and advanced heterostructures team in early 2022.
MXenes, made by...

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A 2,500 km solar bike tour through the Alps

GIANT is co-organizing the start of the Sun Trip Alpes 2022 bike tour on June 17, when 50 cyclists...

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Embedded systems and IoT devices: What’s new

Grenoble INP - Phelma, UGA is now the sole coordinator of the SEOC program on embedded systems and IoT...

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Leti Innovation Days 2022: high-caliber, jam-packed content and networking

Leti Innovation Days 2022 will be held in-person after two years online. The now three-day event will take place...

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Grenoble Green Capital seal for Midis MINATEC

In February, the Midis MINATEC lunch talks were granted the “Grenoble, European Green Capital” seal for sessions addressing environmental...

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GIANT to move to Y.SPOT Partners by summer

The Y.SPOT Partners building, which opened its doors on March 11 in Grenoble’s Presqu’île neighborhood, will soon be home...

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BHT3, a distinctively urban building

MINATEC Entreprises is gearing up to unveil its plans for the BHT3 building. Construction on the more than 4,000...

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Thingsat space internship for second-year engineering students

A second-year student at Grenoble INP - Phelma, UGA will be starting a truly stellar internship in May to...

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Silicon carbide: Soitec and CEA-Leti shift into high gear

Less than 30 months after Soitec and Applied Materials completed work on their silicon carbide (SiC) pilot line at...

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New Energy@School program for high school students

GIANT’s Nano@School outreach program will be joined by Energy@School, starting in September 2022. This new program will heighten high...

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Three Phelma students to sail to the Caribbean

Second- and third-year Grenoble INP - Phelma, UGA students Enola, Élia, and Carla will be embarking in October on...

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