LMGP Hires MXenes specialist

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Published : 3 April 2022

Hanna Pazniak, an expert in MXenes, joined the LMGP nanomaterials and advanced heterostructures team in early 2022.
MXenes, made by exfoliating precursors (MAX phases), are two-dimensional compounds that, depending on their composition, offer a variety of properties, from large specific surface to excellent electrical conductivity and elasticity. They can also be used to make functionalized and hydrophilic surfaces. LMGP is one of the only laboratories in the world to able to synthesize single-crystal MXenes.
Research on MXenes in perovskite solar cells figures prominently among Pazniak’s many publications. With a career that has taken her from Russia to the United States and Germany, Pazniak brings a broad international network—and the potential for new research partnerships—to her new team.

Contact: hanna.pazniak@grenoble-inp.fr

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