Silicon carbide: Soitec and CEA-Leti shift into high gear

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Published : 3 April 2022

Less than 30 months after Soitec and Applied Materials completed work on their silicon carbide (SiC) pilot line at CEA-Leti’s Substrate Innovation Center in late 2019, Soitec has announced its plans to build a new factory to manufacture the substrate at scale.
The successful collaboration between CEA-Leti’s researchers and Soitec’s R&D teams is behind the record turnaround time. CEA-Leti was able to provide new insights into applying Soitec’s SmartCutTM technology to SiC. Soitec’s R&D teams leveraged each advance to stabilize and validate the process.
Together, they cut the usual development time in half.
The pilot line is now ready to produce SiC substrate samples for Soitec customers. The €220 million plant will ultimately employ 400 people.


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