Could hole qubits be the future of quantum?

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Published : 3 April 2022

Nobody knows whether tomorrow’s silicon qubits will be electron qubits or hole qubits. If this exciting new research by an Irig PhD student is any indication, the suspense is going to go on a little longer!
This major research showed that hole spin can be manipulated and read based on detailed characterization of the hole spin’s energy spectrum, even when the quantum dot (QD) isolating the hole is at the center of a dense QD array. Unlike electron qubits, which can only be manipulated with an RF magnetic field, hole qubits can be manipulated with a simple radio frequency (RF) electric field—the basis for the demonstration carried out in this research.
Hole qubits are more difficult to fabricate than electron qubits, but they are promising, and Irig is pursuing the research. Up next: The researchers will couple a qubit with a single photon to make a quantum photon bus.


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