Piezoelectric effects investigated at the nanometric scale

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Published : 3 April 2022

The ANR (French national research agency) Latino project has been looking at how mechanical-to-electrical conversion processes work at the nano scale since the beginning of March in research conducted by IMEP-LaHC, LMGP, IM2NP (Marseille), and the Soleil synchrotron. The partners are employing several techniques not generally used for this kind of research to study zinc oxide (ZnO) nanowires, combining in situ nanomechanical tests and X-ray diffraction.
At the nano scale, the ZnO yield strength increases, which should boost non-linear piezoelectric effects and flexoelectric* effects due to non-homogeneous strain distribution.
It is not yet known whether these effects positively or negatively impact energy conversion.

*Induced by a deformation gradient

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