A new generation of earphones just over the horizon

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Published : 3 April 2022

Microsystems experts at TIMA and G2ELab have been working on little-known objects called squamous transduction earphones since late 2021. These innovative earphones have an actuator that vibrates the cartilage of the ear, turning the auricle into an audio speaker.
The researchers are working with a corporate partner and with startup ActivMotion, which designed an initial version of the actuators and is already commercializing products.
The disruptive technology the two labs were able to produce together will enable a new generation of earphones.
Transduction earphones offer much better sound quality than the bone conduction earphones currently on the market. They also emit sound in stereo, improving the quality of directional information.
This project was part of a contract with the DGA (France’s military procurement agency).

Contact: orphee.cugat@g2elab.grenoble-inp.fr

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