A 2,500 km solar bike tour through the Alps

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Published : 3 April 2022

GIANT is co-organizing the start of the Sun Trip Alpes 2022 bike tour on June 17, when 50 cyclists will depart from Y.SPOT Partners for a 2,500 km loop through six countries with a stop in Innsbruck, Austria and a final stage that will end in Lyon on July 9. The solar-powered electric bike adventure is not a race, but it does present a formidable technical challenge.
The participant-designed bikes have to be no more than 1 meter wide and 6 meters long. Phelma alumnus Emile Rivoire will represent the GIANT Campus-Hexatech team.
Sponsors like Natura Vélo are helping Rivoire come up with a custom electric gravel bike.
Local startup E-Bike Lite will provide a Gboost motor, and solar panels made by CEA-INES will be mounted behind the seat and in front of the handlebars.
Riders will present their bikes at a special kickoff event on the afternoon of June 16 at Maison MINATEC. Join us!


Contact: julie.spinelli@cea.fr

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