Internet of Things: a technology to improve communications

Categorie(s) : Innovation & Society, News, Research

Published : 1 October 2018

Leti recently successfully completed field testing on a low-energy, long-range 5G communications technology (LWPA) for the Internet of Things. The technology has achieved better results than commercially-available solutions in terms of range, energy consumption, and data transmission speeds, which are compatible with the target applications.  Data transmission speeds are between 4 kbit/s and 3 Mbits/s. The technology leverages two well-known multiple-access schemes OFDM and SC-FDM and a new one patented by Leti, Turbo-FSK. The technology provides flexibility by selecting the most appropriate frequency to deliver the information, depending on the transmission conditions and the needs of the application. It can also aggregate non-contiguous frequency bands to increase data transmission speeds. Talks are underway with several potential industrial partners.


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