Innov@School gets high-schoolers working on low-tech solutions

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Published : 4 December 2017

The next session of the Innov@School high school outreach program will get students* to explore how to meet basic needs like lighting and cooking in a city ravaged by a natural disaster. Students will discover how to innovate and use low-tech solutions to effectively reuse items that no longer work and how to produce energy with recovered equipment.
The three participating classes will each be split into two groups for their day at MINATEC. They will tour the CEA Tech showroom and take part in a creativity workshop at the Ideas Laboratory®. Then, working in pairs, the students will come up with a basic prototype using recovered objects, Legos, and modelling clay. They will then shoot a video presenting their prototype and showing how it is used.

*Grenoble-area high school juniors in the Engineering Sciences and Industrial Technology and Sustainable Development tracks




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