International Roadmap for Devices and Systems to include More than Moore technologies

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Published : 5 October 2020

IRDS™ (International Roadmap for Devices and Systems) has focused primarily on computing technologies—until now. The framework was recently broadened to include More than Moore micro and nanotechnologies, from smart sensors and power systems to energy harvesting and flexible and printable components. The EU H2020 Nereid project, led by Grenoble Institute of Technology, had resulted in a European nanotechnology roadmap. Francis Balestra, research director at IMEP-LAHC and coordinator of the Nereid project, recommended that the European roadmap be expanded to the rest of the world.
A 50-page executive summary of the 2020 roadmap is now available on the IRDS™ website. A more detailed version of the fifteen-year roadmap is expected in 2021. The information published to date indicates that Europe has a significant lead on the US and Asia on More than Moore technologies.


Download the executive summary of the 2020 roadmap:

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