Interview: Alain Briand, head of business creation support

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Published : 5 October 2015

“€96 million in eighteen months for CEA Grenoble’s startups”

Is this an exceptional era for startups based in Grenoble?
Sixteen startups from our research environment raised the record sum of €96 million from some 40 investors in just eighteen months. Aledia raised over €28 million, in addition to the €19 million raised by Crocus Technologies, €5.7 million by Exagan, €6.4 million by Isorg, €3.7 million by Apix Analytics, and €3 million by Primo 1D, as well as funds raised by ISKN, Enerbee, and Avalun. Almost all of these companies are operating out of MINATEC and more specifically the BHT.

Why this surge in investments?
We are developing some of the world’s highest-quality technology. And our startups are benefiting from sharp growth in investment in startups, both in Europe and worldwide. In other words, international-caliber investors are placing their bets on Grenoble’s technology. We are also seeing an uptick in local investment, especially from angel investor networks, which tend to put between €1 million and €3 million on the table. They increasingly figure among the top investors in our startups’ capital-raising campaigns.

What role can the CEA play in sustaining this level of investment?
It all starts in the laboratories. Without top-notch technical projects there can be no ambitious startups and, consequently, no interest from investors.
We need to continue to promote our research achievements. This means talking to investors and showing them our most promising work. But it is up to the startups themselves to find capital—something they have shown they’re very good at!


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