Interview – Laetitia Rapenne, LMGP

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Published : 1 October 2012

“Our sample preparation training course is unique in France”

In November 2012, LMGP will offer its transmission electron microscopy (TEM) sample preparation course for the fourth time. What makes the course unique?
The training course covers various sample preparation techniques suitable for both solid and divided samples, such as: tripod mechanical polishing; ionic thinning; focused ion beam (FIB) milling; cleaved corner; nanoparticles in solution; and ultramicrotomy. Companies like Gatan, Escil, and Zeiss will lend equipment for use during the training course, which is open to research scientists, engineers, technicians, and PhD students. A team of eight microscopy specialists from France and Switzerland will facilitate the course. This is the only sample preparation course on offer in France.

Why is sample preparation training so important?
Nothing can replace training specifically on sample preparation, which provides valuable observation and hands-on practice. Sample preparation can produce a number of artifacts, from amorphization and strain hardening to dislocations and modification of the atomic structure. To get a clear image at the subnanometric scale—and avoid interpretation errors—it is important to reduce these artifacts to a minimum, and selecting the most appropriate sample preparation technique is crucial.

And how does Grenoble rank in terms of TEM sample preparation expertise?
The LMGP nanocharacterization platform boasts a highly-qualified staff that has earned international recognition for its expertise. People come from around the world to attend our courses. We generally get researchers from academia, but also corporate R&D professionals from companies like Hutchinson and LVMH.


The course will be held on November 12–16, 2012, and participants can opt to attend a separate course on ultramicrotomy on November 20–21, 2012



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